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Rudy-Rings – $12.95

Made from the finest soft medical-grade silicone, Rudy-Rings are the world’s first “tear and share” cock rings to hit the adult market! They’re easy fit, and oh so comfortable to wear.

Wear your Rudy-Rings as a double ring for extra support, or tear them in half and put one on your partner.

Worn around the base of the penis and scrotum Rudy-Rings not only help maintain erections, but they give the impression you’ve gained a couple of inches!

Before you use your Rudy-Rings ring for the first time take it out of the package, wash it well, and then check it out carefully. Look for any tears, loose threads, or sharp edges (there shouldn’t be any).

Then put some lubricant on your Rudy-Rings or your penis – this can reduce any pinching of your skin or painful hair problems – and get going!

Rudy Rings

If you are using the Rudy-Rings and start to experience pain or discomfort, remove the ring immediately. Do not leave the Rudy-Rings on for an extended periods of time. Most documentation suggests 30 minutes is as long as you should leave a ring on for in one session. Do not use homemade or makeshift penis rings (from elastic bands, nylon string, etc…) as they may be tricky to get off and may cut into your skin.

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RockHard Weekend

RockHard Weekend starts to work within 30 minutes of taking it, and it’s the only 72-hour pill you can take while drinking alcohol!

An all-natural supplement, RockHard Weekend lasts for hours, allowing you to enjoy a more intense sexual experience!

RockHard Weekend 1

Directions: As a dietary supplement take one (1) capsule every 72 hours or 3 days. If you weigh 250lbs or more take two (2) capsules in a 72 hour period. RHW helps increase sexual performance and pleasure. Made in the U.S.A.

RockHard Weekend 1-Count – $6.99
RockHard Weekend 3-Count – $17.99
RockHard Weekend 8-Count – $44.99
RockHard Weekend 24-Count Box – $99.99

*Contains Shellfish (Oyster Extract)

One capsule contains: Proprietary blend 375mg (Daily Value not established); Horny Goat Weed (Epimendum 10%), Cordyceps Ext 7%, White Willow Bark, Bombyx Mori Ext, Ginger Root, Oyster Ext, Green Coffee Bean Ext, Vinpocentine, Schizandra Berry, Rehmannia Root, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Korean Ginseng, Wolfberry Ext, Malodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

RockHard Weekend 2

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Consult a physician prior to use if you have high blood pressure or any medical condition or taking any prescription drug. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or contemplating pregnancy. Store in a cool place away from light. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.

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O Man Vibrating Ring – $10.95

Designed exclusively for male pleasure, the Screaming O O Man Vibrating Ring provides maximum stimulation for one or both partners during sex, and turns the wearer into a human vibrator.

Place the ring at the base of the penis, with the bullet directly underneath, then place the testicles inside the bottom ring. The motor sits below the penis shaft and above the balls, with the unique “Baller” attachment sending vibrations along the entire member.

The O Man Vibrating Ring is made of the highest quality silicone and powered by a super-powered motor. It’s waterproof, wireless, reusable with replaceable batteries, and includes a stretchy, one-size-fits-all erection band.

Intense Vibrating Ring
Long Lasting Motor
Pleasure Knobs for Him
Taint Tickler
Super Stretchy Erection Band
One Touch On/Off Switch
Replaceable Batteries (included)

O Man Vibrating Ring

A penile band may help men who can get an erection but can’t sustain it because of venous leakage. These ring-like devices, which don’t require a prescription, fasten around the base of the erect penis to keep blood from escaping.

Penile bands are completely effective when used properly, however it’s safe to keep in mind the following things:

The function of blood is to bring fresh oxygen to the tissues. If the tissues are cut off from the oxygen supply it results in tissue death.

Tissue death can start to set in as soon as about 20 minutes after the oxygen supply is cut of.

The penile band does not constrict the blood from flowing into the penis and therefore the oxygen supply is not a big problem. It only restricts the blood from flowing out of the penis.

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Cock Sling – $24.95

When a man ejaculates the prostate shuts off the bladder and pushes seminal fluid down the urethra. The testicles then contract and add sperm to the seminal fluid, resulting in ejaculation.

A cock ring holds the balls down and keeps the testes from contracting thus slowing down ejaculation; taking the male orgasm from approximately 6 seconds to up to 45 seconds.

The Cock Sling is a 100% silicone teardrop style cock ring that taps the perineum, providing an external prostate massage, while constricting the balls and cock. It’s great for both partner sex and solo masturbation.

Diameter: 1.75

Cock Sling

In human anatomy, the perineum is generally defined as the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx. The perineum is the region of the body inferior to the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs. It is a diamond-shaped area on the inferior surface of the trunk which includes the anus and, in females, the vagina. Its definition varies: it can refer to only the superficial structures in this region, or it can be used to include both superficial and deep structures. It is an erogenous zone for both males and females.

…The anogenital distance is a measure of the distance between the anus and the base of the penis. Studies show that the human perineum is twice as long in males as in females.


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5 July, 2010

Boy Butter Tub (8 oz) – $14.95
Boy Butter Tub (4 oz) – $8.95

It’s like butta!

A water-based gel lubricant with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, Boy Butter is a creamy lube that stops the evaporation process, thus avoiding the need to apply more lubricant, or add water to revive it.

Boy Butter has the stamina of an oil-based lubricant, and is eventually absorbed into the skin like lotion.

Boy Butter 1

Shea butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory colored natural fat extracted from the seed of the African shea tree by crushing and boiling. It is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and salve. Shea butter is edible and may be used in food preparation, or sometimes in the chocolate industry as a substitute for cocoa butter.

Shea butter extract is a complex fat that contains many non-saponifiable components (substances that cannot be fully converted into soap by treatment with alkali.)

Shea butter melts at body temperature and absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.


Boy Butter 2

Fleshjack.com is pleased to offer a wide selection of lubricants from the finest manufacturers. Please note that we recommend using only water-based lubricants on Fleshjack products. The use of other types of lubricants, such as oil or silicone-based, may deteriorate the Superskin masturbation sleeves.

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Trained to Obey – $49.95

The third of the Visconti Triplets DVDs, Trained to Obey features military disciplining, super-hot oral cumshots, and something we haven’t seen before – the Visconti brother bottoming on camera!

Trained to Obey

Do you find it comforting or disconcerting performing with your brothers in scenes?

JASON: We’re triplets so we’ve always been close. Like Joey said, he was nervous to cum on camera, but we helped him. That’s what we’ve done all our lives — help each other.

JIMMY: It took some getting used to the idea that we would be having sex in the same room. But we got over it and it’s a good feeling to have mybrothers with me.

JOEY: I find it comforting. Very comforting. There’s no way I’d do this without them.

Sexy facts about the Visconti Triplets:

The Visconti Triplets were born in Budapest and stand 6”1’ tall.

They’re the first triplets in the gay industry.

Although genetically identical, their penises are not – one is straight, one curves to the left, and one curves to the right.

Of the three 19-year-olds, Joey was born first, then Jason, then Jimmy.

…the Visconti Triplets, are monozygotic triplets known for appearing in gay pornography, often together in somewhat incest-themed scenes. No actual explicit sexual behavior between the brothers has been shown in any of their videos, most of which show the three engaged in sexual behavior with a fourth actor, or in solo scenes.

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Shameless Boy Toys – $49.95

Collectors Limited Edition!

Shameless Boy Toys is the second Visconti Triplets film, coming behind Brotherhood Secrets. Enjoy as they flex their sweaty muscles, strut their big cocks and blow huge loads of cum!

From oldest to youngest, the 19 year old triplets are Joey, Jason and Jimmy. These Budapest-born triplets are identical, standing at a 6’1” tall, all buffed up and measures 8” x 6” cock.

Shameless Boy Toys

In America, no one has ever seen triplets performing in gay porn — how does it feel to know that you’re the first?

JASON: It’s a great feeling! I love being in the center of attention and because no one’s ever had triplets as exclusives, it puts the spotlight on me — and my brothers. I like the sex but it’s never been hard for me to get laid. It just comes to me.

JIMMY: I like the attention too. The guys we’ve met so far a great and I’m really looking forward to meeting them on camera and off camera — I’m just anxious to meet them.

JOEY: I didn’t think about that at first. I was scared to get on camera. But my brothers were doing it and they encouraged me on.

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight – $89.95

Package Includes:
Brotherhood Secrets
Shameless Boy Toys

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight

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