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29 March, 2011

The Cone – $134.95

Now this is what I call a versatile sex toy!

The Cone is a hands-free vibrating device that is sure to leave you satisfied any way you use it. The inventive shape is perfectly designed to hit all the right spots and the funky, modern style means you don’t have to hide it away in a drawer.

fleshlight the cone vibrator

With 16 automated programs including an orgasm button, you can’t help but experience waves of pleasure with every use.

The Cone is great to use alone or with a partner.

Although I’m sure you’re smart and creative enough to figure out how to use The Cone, below are a few suggestions…..

the cone vibrator positions

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Tantus Acute Purple Haze – $39.99

The Tantus Acute dildo is a medium-sized toy, angled perfectly for penetration – especially when used with a Joque harness – and ideal for both vaginal and anal play.

100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
Dishwasher Safe

Tantus Acute Purple Haze

Tantus has been manufacturing the highest quality 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone toys since 1998.

All Tantus Toys are hand-made in the USA with the utmost pride and craftsmanship. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care, Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.

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Tantus Curve Midnight Purple – $59.99

The first in a new line of sex toys from Tantus, the Tantus Curve features a wider base, which enables the user to combine the versatility of harness play with the pleasure of direct G-Spot stimulation.

The subtle angle of the Tantus Curve makes it an ideal dildo for both vaginal and anal play; and the smooth silicone creates a pleasurable experience for women and men.

Tantus Curve Midnight Purple

Tantus has built a reputation as the industry leader through our elevated level of quality and exclusive product designs. Tantus strives to continue delivering the science of sensation, through innovation, education, and brand reputation.

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13 March, 2011

Tantus VIP Pink Pearl – $91.99

The Tantus VIP Pink Pearl dildo is perfect for hitting all the right spots every time.

The slightly curved shaft is sleek, and the contoured testicles protrude from the base and sway – just like the real thing. The Tantus VIP Pink Pearl is an ideal dildo for a harness.

Tantus VIP Pink Pearl

Tantus manufactures the world’s best soft toys for adults. All Tantus Toys are hand-made from the highest quality 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone.

The superior quality of Tantus Silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest most pleasurable toys on the market.

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The Fleshjack Vibro is the next generation of the best selling male sex toy in the world, with the same legendary patented Real Feel Superskin as the original Fleshjack, but with an additional level of vibrating sensation.

Fleshjack Mini Vibrating Bullet (Batteries Included) – $6.95

The Fleshjack Bullet provides intense stimulation when used in combination with the Fleshjack Vibro. Try purchasing an extra vibrator to insert into the end of the Vibro sleeve to push yourself over the top!

Fleshjack Mini Vibrating Bullet

Fleshjack Battery Pack (Contains 10 Batteries) – $6.95

For use with Fleshjack Bullet

Fleshjack Battery Pack

Remove the safety seal from underneath the caps of each Vibro bullet, otherwise the bullets will not function properly.

Depending on desired stimulation, insert 1 to 3 bullets in the sleeve as shown above. Replace batteries in bullets when needed.

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Vibrating Cock Ring – $41.99

This Vibrating Cock Ring is 2 inches in diameter and comes with a removable vibrator. The vibration plays on all those nerve endings, making it phenomenal for anal sex. The best placement of the ring is to have the vibrator under the balls so it plays on the perineum.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Some fun tips on how to maximize your vibration cock ring experience from Babeland.com:

With stretchable rings, the rubbery material can sometimes stick to hair and pull it, particularly when you’re putting on or taking off your ring. To avoid having your pubes yanked, make sure your genitals are well-lubricated.

Dry your hands before putting on the ring. You don’t want to lose your grip and have it snap your penis like a rubber band.

Different positions will net different results with cock rings, so be sure to go at things from more than one angle.

Try rotating the cock ring so that the vibrator is in a new position. This can provide greater stimulation of the perineum and scrotum, which can feel wonderfully intense.

When you’re done, remove the batteries from your cock ring. This will ensure that they don’t run down when not in use. Dead batteries can be a real buzz-kill (ouch!).

Vibrating Cock Ring 2

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O Man Vibrating Ring – $10.95

Designed exclusively for male pleasure, the Screaming O O Man Vibrating Ring provides maximum stimulation for one or both partners during sex, and turns the wearer into a human vibrator.

Place the ring at the base of the penis, with the bullet directly underneath, then place the testicles inside the bottom ring. The motor sits below the penis shaft and above the balls, with the unique “Baller” attachment sending vibrations along the entire member.

The O Man Vibrating Ring is made of the highest quality silicone and powered by a super-powered motor. It’s waterproof, wireless, reusable with replaceable batteries, and includes a stretchy, one-size-fits-all erection band.

Intense Vibrating Ring
Long Lasting Motor
Pleasure Knobs for Him
Taint Tickler
Super Stretchy Erection Band
One Touch On/Off Switch
Replaceable Batteries (included)

O Man Vibrating Ring

A penile band may help men who can get an erection but can’t sustain it because of venous leakage. These ring-like devices, which don’t require a prescription, fasten around the base of the erect penis to keep blood from escaping.

Penile bands are completely effective when used properly, however it’s safe to keep in mind the following things:

The function of blood is to bring fresh oxygen to the tissues. If the tissues are cut off from the oxygen supply it results in tissue death.

Tissue death can start to set in as soon as about 20 minutes after the oxygen supply is cut of.

The penile band does not constrict the blood from flowing into the penis and therefore the oxygen supply is not a big problem. It only restricts the blood from flowing out of the penis.

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