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Zing – $42.95

Zing is a comfortable, cordless anal plug ribbed for anyone’s pleasure. It uses a powerful yet discrete water-proof vibrator, providing waves of stimulating pleasure. The flared base means that Zing will stay put even during extended play.

Diameter: 1.35”
Length: 4.2”

Zing Prostate Massager

More than 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions that negatively affect their quality of life.

Over 50% of men in their 60s and as many as 90% in their 70s or older have symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH).

Each year over 230,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 30,000 will die of it.

Prostatitis is an issue for men of all ages and affects 35% of men aged 50 and older.

Zing Prostate Massager 2

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and the second leading killer of men, behind lung cancer. Prostate cancer is generally very slow growing and most men die with prostate cancer (meaning that they die of some other cause) rather than from it. Still, it kills approximately 30,000 men each year. But detected early, it can be cured.

In its early stages, prostate cancer usually doesn’t cause symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, the patient may develop symptoms that are the same as for prostatitis and/or BPH. Additional symptoms include:

Chronic pain in the hips, thighs, or lower back
Blood in the urine or semen

The lack of early symptoms and the overlap of symptoms with non-cancerous conditions makes prostate cancer difficult to diagnose. That’s why it’s essential that get screened regularly.


Slim – $22.95

It’s simple, it’s small, and it feels so good. A demure silicone plug, the Slim has no texture so it easily enters the rectum, plus it’s only an inch in diameter at the widest point.

Perfect for beginners!

Slim is made of medical-grade silicone and built to last a lifetime.

Diameter: 1”
Length: 4.5”

Slim Butt Plug

Butt plugs are sex toys designed to be inserted in the anus and rectum for sexual pleasure. In some ways, they are similar to a dildo, but they tend to be shorter, and to have a flared end to prevent the device from being lost inside the rectum.

Unlike the vagina, which is closed off by the cervix, the rectum leads to the sigmoid colon. Objects that are inserted into the rectum can therefore potentially travel up into the bowel: the flared end on a butt plug exists to prevent this.

When wearing butt plugs and holding the anal sphincter open for very long periods of time one should take care, as this practice could potentially decrease the elasticity of the anal sphincter muscles. The BMEzine risks glossary states that “The process is similar to earlobe stretch except that the ‘jewelery’ [embedded item] is not worn all the time” and that there is no harm done to the function of the sphincter when stretching is done carefully. Kegel exercises can help maintain normal, healthy sphincter function.


Little Flirt – $31.95

Aww, it’s such a little thing! It’s just a little flirt. And perhaps the most perfect toy for the average anal play beginner!

Hypoallergenic, boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe, the Little Flirt stands at a petite 0.8” x 3 3/4”. The neck is a little longer than other plugs to help it stay in one place, and there’s a tapered base for an even more comfortable fit.

Expert Advice: There’s an easy way to get your finger into that closed tight tiny hole, the medical world uses it everyday. It’s the wink method. You brush your finger from top to bottom of that little pink pucker and involuntary muscles open for you. It doesn’t stay open mind you, it just winks. After a few sweet swipes you may want to press the tip of your finger into the entry way.

Little Flirt Prostate Massager

…the lower bowel above the rectum is easily perforated. For this reason, butt plugs tend to be shorter than dildos, and their marked size generally indicates the circumference of the device rather than the length. They must also be very smooth to avoid damaging the rectum or bowel. In order to get them into the rectum, they most commonly have a general profile of a round-ended cone which then narrows to a “waist” which locates itself at the anal sphincter, with the flared part outside the body, preventing the butt plug from slipping further into the body. The sphincter muscle will hold the plug in place by the waist, preventing the plug from slipping out unintentionally. [source]

Holt – $38.95

If you enjoy anal play and the occasional extra-stimulating prostate massage, the Holt just might be the toy you’re looking for.

It’s a dildo! It’s a butt plug!

With a length of 4” and a diameter of 1.25”, the Holt is non-threatening and certainly not as scary as some of the prostate massagers out there. It’s also made from 100% platinum silicone and was built to last a lifetime.

The prostate is surrounded by nerves and muscles that affect the urinary, rectal and sexual systems. I think we can all agree these functions are important, so it’s essential that they stay healthy and in working order.

Aside from helping to maintain prostate health and promote increased sexual health, a prostate massage is an enjoyable way to learn how to relax. Relaxing creates smooth muscles, and smooth muscles help relieve the pressures associated with prostate problems.

Holt Prostate Massager

Anal masturbation is manual erotic stimulation focusing on the anus and rectum. For humans, common methods of anal masturbation include manual stimulation of the anal opening and the insertion of an object or objects such as fingers, fists, phallic shaped items or sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, a vibrator or specially designed prostate massagers. [source]

Aneros Progasm Ice – $67.00

Each Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind prostate massager. During the production process, unique air bubbles are created, making each toy unlike any other. Combine that with the patented hands-free design and sleek form, and you’ve got a mind-blowing experience every time.

Although the Aneros Progasm Ice looks like it’s made out of glass, it’s not. The material is actually an FDA approved and award-winning medical grade plastic; rapidly becoming the favored replacement for glass because it doesn’t break.

Environmentally friendly users will be happy to know that the production of the special plastic used to make the Aneros Progasm Ice emits less gas than other types of plastics, thus it’s better for the environment.

Aneros Progasm Ice

Largest Aneros model
Bubbles make each one unique
Round perineum tab design
Kundalini “K-Tab” provides additional sensations
Has size, but is very mobile
For advanced and experienced users

1.25” diameter at widest part of tip
1.30” diameter at mid-ridge
1.52” from center of stem to perineum pressure point
.60” perineum tab diameter
4.75” overall height

The Aneros Progasm Ice is the largest Aneros to date, but it’s surprisingly agile. It features a newly designed round perineum tab and also boasts the Kundalini “K-Tab” – adding sensations up and down your back that compliment the sensations the prostate is experiencing.

Don’t let the size of the Aneros Progasm Ice scare you – despite its size the Progasm easily moves inside the man’s body, providing a robust prostate massage for intense pleasure.

Aneros Progasm Ice 2

Aneros Helix – $67.95

With an angled head and thin stem for greater pivoting mobility, the Aneros Helix provides immediate pressure and tension on the prostate, pleasuring you like nothing else.
The Helix was designed based on customer feedback along with several additional design patents.

It has a sharply angled stem and large bulbous head which provide a more “aggressive” prostate massage. The redesigned P-Tab provides a more focused external prostate stimulation when massaging the perineum.

The Aneros Helix is larger at the tip and more angled to provide a more vigorous massage.

Aneros Helix

Larger bulbous head with flat, wide head for more contact with prostate
Strong angled stem for greater pivoting ability
Dime perineum tab
For adventurous beginners and advanced users
Made in the USA form FDA approved materials

1 1/16” diameter at tip, circ. = 3.34”
15/16” diameter at mid-ridg, circ. = 2.94”
1 3/4” from main body to perineum pressure point
4” from tip top top of the base

The best-selling Aneros Helix is part of the Next-Generation line which includes the Maximus and Eupho…A fusion of modern engineering and ancient eroticism, the Aneros will enlighten, enhance and expand your world of pleasure. The Aneros is a wonderful addition to your sex life, with your lover or on your own. – Amazon Product Description

Aneros Helix 2

ProTouch – $39.95

I don’t know about you, but I think the ProTouch looks like a finger – which is good if you’re new to the world of anal stimulation.

Quick fun fact: Sex educators teach that inserting a finger and curling in a “come-hither” motion will stimulate the G-spot or prostate.

The ProTouch is the first adult toy designed to do just that – to reach deeper and touch you at the right angle. The ProTouch also comes with a mini-massager for external prostate stimulation.

Diameter: 1.2”
Length: 4.6”

ProTouch Prostate Massager

Prostate massage is also used for sexual stimulation, either to reach orgasm, or to promote excretion of seminal fluid without orgasm as part of BDSM orgasm denial activities. The term prostate milking is sometimes used in this latter context.

The prostate is sometimes referred to as the “male G-spot”. Some men are able to achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse. Men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females’ accounts of G-spot stimulation.

Prostate massage has become a common sexual practice in couples’ sexual lives as men seem to experience high levels of pleasure from it. Also, the advent of equipment and products for prostate massage encourages people to try it.


ProTouch Prostate Massager 2

Prostate Health – $65.95

Are you suffering from prostatitis* and considering prostate massage as your remedy?

Try the Prostate Health Vibrator – it’s the perfect way to promote prostate health in a safe and extremely enjoyable manner.

Featuring a flexible shaft what bends with the body’s curves, the Prostate Health Vibrator’s bulbous end combines with the vibration to gently massage the prostate. A prostate massage helps to relax the muscles around the prostate gland, thus relieving the discomfort and risk of prostatitis.

The Prostate Health Vibrator is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and can be bleached and boiled. It also has an ergonomic base with a thumb grip for a comfortable hold and easy removable of a bullet vibrator.

Diameter: 1”
Length: 4.5”

Expert Advice: The prostate is surrounded by nerves and muscles that affect urinary, rectal and sexual functions. Prostate massage is used to maintain prostate health and to promote increased sexual health. The goal with prostate health is to learn to relax. Smooth muscles relieve the pressures associated with prostate problems.

Prostate Health

*Prostatitis, a disease of the prostate gland, can cause pain in the groin, painful urination, difficulty urinating and related symptoms. The prostate gland produces components of semen, the fluid that helps support and transport sperm. The gland, about the size and shape of a walnut, sits directly below the bladder and surrounds the urethra, the tube that transports both semen and urine to the penis. [source]

Nexus O-Max – $74.95

Like the Nexus O but bigger, the Nexus O-Max takes the three-ball design to the max!

Made from phthalate-free, super soft silicone for added flexibility and comfort, the Nexus O-Max is a hands-free toy meant to stimulate the prostate and perineum. Since it fits securely in the anus, the O-Max can easily be used in conjunction with other toys.

Ring Diameter: 1.2 inches (3.0cm)
Ball Diameter: 1.8 inches (4.6cm)
Height: 4.9 inches (12.5cm)

Hands free design

Use care and caution when inserting the Nexus O-Max.

Lubricate one of the end balls and gently insert it until you feel the middle ball rest against your anus. The third ball should now be pressing against your perineum.

Mind-blowing orgasm tip: sit on the toy and rock yourself back and forth.

Nexus O-Max Prostate Massager

Prostate massage was once the most popular therapeutic maneuver used to treat prostatitis, but abandoned as primary therapy in the early 1970s. Continuing research in emerging medical communities, published articles in non-medical circles, and anecdotal evidence on the internet shows that there is still interest in the technique as alternative therapy. In China, a 2008 survey of 627 urologists found that prostate massage is used prevalently as a nonpharmacological therapy for chronic prostatitis.

Prostate massage is also used for sexual stimulation, either to reach orgasm, or to promote excretion of seminal fluid without orgasm as part of BDSM orgasm denial activities. The term prostate milking is sometimes used in this latter context.


Nexus GyroXtreme – $79.95

The Nexus GyroXtreme is definitely not for the faint of heart. Or the anal play beginner.

Made of super soft silicone, the GyroXtreme is a larger version of the Nexus Gyro. It has the same unique hands free design, but the GyroXtreme boasts an increased height and girth. Combine that with the interesting design, and you’ve got the makings of an extremely fulfilling experience.

Base Width: 3.1 inches (80mm)
Arm Diameter: 1.7 inches (43mm)
Insertable Length: 5.9 inches (80mm)

Hands Free Design

Remember, the Nexus GyroXtreme is for those who are experienced in anal stimulation, and is not recommended for beginners.

Nexus GyroXtreme

In both sexes, pleasure can be derived from the nerve endings around the anus and the anus itself, such as during anal sex…Some men can achieve an orgasm through prostate stimulation alone. This can result in pleasurable sensations and can lead to an orgasm in some cases. The prostate is located next to the rectum and is the larger, more developed male homologue to the Skene’s glands, which are believed to be connected to the female G-spot. Jack Morin has claimed that “anal orgasm” has nothing to do with the prostate orgasm, although the two are often confused. [source]

Nexus G-Play Medium – $34.95

Sure, the Nexus G-Play looks a little silly, but boy it packs a punch!

A unisex sex toy, the Nexus G-Play can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. It’s made from FDA approved medical-grade silicone, operated by battery, and can be used with any water-based lubricant.

Nexus G-Play Medium

The strong and steady vibrations combine with the Nexus G-Play’s ergonomic design – bringing you maximum titillation and sending you soaring to new heights of sexual gratification.

The Nexus G-Play Medium is a great choice intermediate anal players.

Insertable Height: 2.9 inches (7.3cm)
Shaft Diameter: 1.2 inches (3cm) Thickest point

1 Vibration Setting
Durable FDA approved silicone
Can be used with any water-based lubricant

Nexus G-Play Medium 2

The biological function of the anus is to expel intestinal gas and feces from the body, therefore when engaging in anal masturbation for pleasure hygiene becomes important. One may wish to cover butt plugs or other objects with a condom before insertion and then dispose of the condom afterwards to simplify cleanup. To minimize the potential transfer of germs between sexual partners there are practices of safer sex recommended by healthcare professionals. It is important to not transfer bacteria from the anus to the vagina, as infection may occur. [source]

Created for both men and women, the Nexus G-Pod is a ground-breaking unisex adult toy meant to stimulate the G-spot in both sexes; raised bumps on each side of the extension create an added sensation.

Nexus GPod

Designed to fit onto the Hitachi and Ideal personal massagers, the G-Pod is the ultimate add-on accessory for those looking for the ultimate sensual experience.

The Nexus G-Pod is made from high grade silicone – soft, gentle, and realistic to the touch. Because it’s silicone, the G-Pod can also be gently heated in warm water for an even more realistic feeling.

Designed for Men and Women
Attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand and Ideal Massagers
Made from high grade silicone
Soft, gentle, and realistic to the touch
Can be gently heated in warm water

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an electric massager manufactured by Hitachi intended for massaging muscles, as well as erogenous zones. It first appeared in the 1970s – widely used as a sex toy. The device features a round soft flexible head measuring 2.5 inches in diameter with a 9 inch handle. The 6 foot cord is attached to the end of the handle. The Wand provides two levels of vibration speeds: 5,000 and 6,000 rpm, that are controlled by a hand switcher located on the handle. Unlike many vibrators, the Magic Wand is plugged into a wall socket rather than using battery power. [source]

Nexus GPod 3

The Njoy Fun Wand, in the shape of an S, boasts both a smooth, curving end for mind-blowing g-spot stimulation, and graduated beads for awesome anal play.

Njoy Fun Wand

For extra stimulation, the Fun Wand can be heated or cooled, and because it’s non porous, a little lube goes a long way.

Throw it in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap)
Boil it (3 minutes)
Wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution (rinse after!).

Weight: 12 oz. (340g)
Length: 7 1/2″
The 1″ head provides a G-spot massage, while the balls increase in size from ¾” to 1″ deliver anal stimulation.

Comes with a beautiful satin lined box for safe-keeping.

12 ounces of pure stainless steel, polished to a mirror shine
1″ head provides precise G or P spot massage
Graduated bulbs from 3/4″ to 1″ deliver lovely anal stimulation
8″ end-to-end

The abundance of nerve endings in the anal region and rectum makes anal sex pleasurable for many women and men. “The opening and closing of the anus is controlled by the internal and external sphincter muscles (the most important muscles when engaging in anal sex). The sphincter muscle is a sensitive membrane with many nerve endings and thus the source of pleasure or pain.” In a male receiving partner, being penetrated can produce a pleasurable sensation due to the inserted penis rubbing or brushing against the prostate (also known as the “male G-spot”, “P-spot” or “A-spot”) through the anal wall. This can result in pleasurable sensations and can lead to an orgasm in some cases. [source]>

Njoy Fun Wand 3

Perfect for anal play beginners, the medium-sized Njoy Plug is made of mirror-finish stainless steel, designed specifically to fit the body’s natural curves.

Njoy Plug Med

Enjoy the Njoy Plug heated or cooled for extra stimulation. Because of how it’s made, clean up is easy – use just about anything that’s not an abrasive.

The medium Njoy Plug comes with a beautiful satin lined box for safe-keeping.

Approx 3.75″ end to end with 1.5″ bulb
Weight: 7oz (200g)
Insertable Length: 2-3/4″
Diameter: 1-1/4″bulb

Insertion of foreign objects into the anus is not without dangers. This area is fragile, the intestinal walls do not feel pain and for objects pushed too far, surgery may be necessary for removal (even without injury). Unsafe anal masturbation methods cause harm and a potential trip to the hospital emergency room. However, anal masturbation is enjoyed in complete safety by many people by following some basic rules:

Empty the bowel before you begin. Lubricate both the anus and the object to be inserted, using a good quality sexual lubricant. Start with a small object and allow plenty of time for the anus to relax during insertion. Never force the insertion – the sphincter will open when ready. It takes time to learn to relax the sphincter muscle. Although tight at first, it can with regular practice safely accommodate objects up to 60mm thick (2 1/2 inches) – or even larger – without discomfort or injury. Indeed, many people prefer the feeling of larger objects. It is recommended not to insert any object longer than an erect penis.


Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
Packaged in a beautiful sleeved black box with fuchsia satin lining
Box measures 5″ x 4.75″ x 2.5″

Njoy Plug Med 3

Made of stainless steel and curved just right, the Njoy Pure Wand is pure ecstasy, with perfect weight dispersion and asymmetrical tapering. Use the weight of the wand to help penetrate deep and touch all the right spots.

Njoy Wand

Warm the Njoy Pure Wand for extra stimulation, or cool it down – either way it will make you come back for more again and again.

Provides amazing G-spot stimulation for women.
Also perfectly shaped for prostate stimulation for men.
Allows you to both give and receive.
100% stainless steel with an amazing mirror finish
Can also be used in the shower, bath, pool or hot tub.

The prostate is sometimes referred to as the “male G-spot”. Some men are able to achieve orgasm solely through stimulation of the prostate gland, such as prostate massage or receptive anal intercourse. Men who report the sensation of prostate stimulation often give descriptions similar to females’ accounts of G-spot stimulation.

Prostate massage has become a common sexual practice in couples’ sexual lives as men seem to experience high levels of pleasure from it. Also, the advent of equipment and products for prostate massage encourages people to try it…

Prostate massage can be performed individually or with the help of a partner. Many men prefer being anally stimulated by their partner during foreplay or after intercourse. Men can excite their own prostates while masturbating using anal penetration devices.


Weight: 1.5 lb (680g)
Length: 8″
Insertable Length: 7″
Diameter: 1-1/2″

Njoy Wand 3

The Aneros MGX prostate massager is the perfect male g-spot stimulator for anal play novices and experts alike. It’s non-threatening and easy to use either alone or with a partner.

Aneros MGX

The male g-spot, by the way, is where the prostate gland meets the perineum (a small soft spot between the anus and scrotum). The area is surrounded by nerves that control the man’s sexual organs and reactions, including erection, orgasm, and ejaculation.

For the more advanced prostate massager enthusiast, there’s the Aneros Progasm.

Large, yet agile, the Progasm will take you to new heights of pleasure.

It features a newly designed round perineum tab and also boasts a Kundalini “K-Tab.” The “K-Tab” adds sensations up and down your back that are complementary to the

1.25” diameter at widest part of tip
1.30” diameter at mid-ridge
1.52” from center of stem to perineum pressure point
.60” perineum tab diameter
4.75” overall height
For advanced and experienced users
Made in the USA from FDA approved materials

Aneros Progasm

The function of the prostate is to store and secrete a slightly alkaline (pH 7.29) fluid, milky or white in appearance, that usually constitutes 25-30% of the volume of the semen along with spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid…

The prostate also contains some smooth muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation.

…A complex system of valves in the prostate, sends the semen into the urethra during ejaculatory process and a prostate muscle called the sphincter seals the bladder, thereby preventing urine entry into the urethra.


Aneros MGX 3

Take your prostate stimulation to the next level with the Rude Boy dual g-spot stimulator.

Designed to be hands free and easy to use, the Rude Boy massages both the prostate and the perineum. Plus it’s 100% waterproof, and has a silent vibration.

Rude Boy G Spot Stimulator

In human anatomy, the perineum is generally defined as the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx. The perineum is the region of the body inferior to the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs. It is a diamond-shaped area on the inferior surface of the trunk which includes the anus and, in females, the vagina. Its definition varies: it can refer to only the superficial structures in this region, or it can be used to include both superficial and deep structures. It is an erogenous zone for both males and females.

… In Alfred Kinsey’s 1967 report, he concluded that the perineum was one of the 6 key erogenous zones for males.


-Dual G-Spot stimulator
-Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock. Hands-free!
-Strong, silent vibration (powered by the RO-80mm bullet)
-Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
-100% Waterproof
-Tip to bullet is 11” and insertable is about 7” with a width ranging from 1.25”at the tip to 1.5” at the base.

Rude Boy 3

The design of the Naughty Boy is based on the original Rude Boy, but the diameter has been reduced for even more comfort and ease of use. The Naughty Boy is perfect for the prostate and perineum stimulator beginner.

Naughty Boy Prostate Stimulator

-Dual G-Spot stimulator
-Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock. Hands-free!
-Strong, silent vibration (powered by the RO-80mm bullet)
-Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
-100% Waterproof
-Tip to bullet is 9” and insertable is about 6” with a width ranging from .75” at the tip to 1.25” at the widest bottom “bump” and 1.5” at the base.

For the more experienced user, there’s the Bad Boy, which is also like the Rude Boy but has added contours designed for even more satisfying prostate and perineum stimulation.

Bad Boy G-Spot Stimulator

-Dual G-Spot stimulator
-Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock. Hands-free!
-Strong, silent vibration (powered by the RO-80mm bullet)
-Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
-100% Waterproof
-Tip to bullet is 11.25” and insertable is about 7.5”.with a width ranging from 1.25”at the tip to 2” at the widest bottom “bump” and 1.5” at the base.

Both the Naughty Boy and the Bad Boy are made of soft and flexible medical grade silicone, and are 100% hypoallergenic. The included bullet vibrator can be removed, allowing for the silicone to be thoroughly cleaned.

Bad Boy Prostate Massager

The Nexus O is a prostate and perineum stimulator wiht a three-ball design, allowing for great male g-spot stimulation. The hands-free adult toy is made of a super soft phthalate-free silicone material for added flexibility and comfort.

Nexus O Perineum Stimulator

The Nexus O enhances the strength of traditional orgasms during masturbation or sexual intercourse – it can also be used during foreplay.

Stimulating the prostate and perineum are pivotal in controlling and increasing a man’s erection, orgasm and ejaculation. Essentially, they are the command centers for sexual pleasure.

Diameter: 35mm
Ball Diameter: 80mm
Height: 200mm

Penile erection occurs when two tubular structures that run the length of the penis, the corpora cavernosa, become engorged with venous blood. This may result from any of various physiological stimuli, also known as sexual stimulation and sexual arousal. The corpus spongiosum is a single tubular structure located just below the corpora cavernosa, which contains the urethra, through which urine and semen pass during urination and ejaculation, respectively. This may also become slightly engorged with blood, but less so than the corpora cavernosa.

The swelling, hardening and enlargement of the penis enables sexual intercourse. The scrotum may also become tightened during an erection. In many cases, but not all, the foreskin retracts, exposing the glans. Erection is not required for all sexual activities.


Nexus O Prostate Stimulator

The Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager has a ribbed shaft, designed specifically to stimulate the entire anal canal with carefully crafted ball bearings and ribs.

The pleasurable vibrations add to the sensations, making for a most satisfying sexual experience.

Nexus Vibro

Penile erection is a physiological phenomenon where the penis becomes enlarged and firm. Penile erection is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors, and is usually, though not exclusively, associated with sexual arousal. Penile erection can also occur due to a full urinary bladder. In some males, erection can occur spontaneously at any time of day, and is known as nocturnal penile tumescence when occurring during REM sleep.

In the presence of mechanical stimulation, erection is initiated by the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with minimal input from the central nervous system. Parasympathetic branches extend from the sacral plexus into the arteries supplying the erectile tissue; upon stimulation, these nerve branches release acetylcholine, which, in turn causes release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells in the trabecular arteries…Erection subsides when parasympathetic stimulation is discontinued; baseline stimulation from the sympathetic division of the ANS causes constriction of the penile arteries, forcing blood out of the erectile tissue.


Nexus Vibro 3

Created with intermediate and advanced anal play users in mind, the large Njoy Pure Plug has a bulb with a diameter of 1.5 inches; big enough to be exhilarating, but still small enough to be comfortable.

Njoy Pure Plug

The Njoy Plug is made of high quality stainless-steel with a mirror finish; it was designed specifically to fit the body’s natural curves. Because it’s stainless-steel, the Njoy Plug is super easy to clean.

Enjoy the Njoy Plug heated or cooled for extra stimulation!

The large Njoy Pure Plug, which is cast in 316 medical grade stainless-steel and hand polished, comes in a beautiful fuchsia satin lined box for safe-keeping.

Anal jewelry is a type of jewelry that is worn in the anus. It generally comes in the form of a butt plug, where the bulbous end is inserted into the anus and the jewelry remains outside of the body for viewing. Most anal jewelry pieces are made of stainless steel and typically have some kind of gem or ornate sculpture on the area that is to be worn outside of the body. These stainless steel pieces are also designed to be worn for an extended amount of time and although they provide a feeling of fullness in the anus, they are more for show than for pleasure.


Njoy Pure Plug Large