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Jack’s Cherry Pop – $49.95

Jack’s Cherry Pop features an exclusive mini Butt orifice and mini Squeeze inner texture.

What Comes With Jack’s Cherry Pop?

One Pink Mini-Butt Sex In A Can Sleeve with Mini-Squeeze Texture
One Silver Sex In A Can Soda Can Case
One Sample Lube Pillow Pack, good for single use

Jack’s Cherry Pop Measurements:

Case Dimensions: 7.75” x 2.80”
Sleeve Dimensions: 6.80” x 2.60”
Texture: Overall Length: 5.5” (Starts: 1.0” from Orifice)
Texture Diameter: 0.25” to 0.90”

Jack’s Soda features the same patented Superskin material as our regular Fleshjack sleeves and is just as easy to use and clean. With the compact soda can case and fully washable and removable sleeve, it’s like a Fleshjack, only tighter … much tighter!

Jacks Soda Cherry

What is the best way to clean the Jack’s Cherry Pop sleeve?

Simply rinse the sleeve with warm water from your sink and allow time for it to fully dry before storing. Do NOT use soap to clean your sleeve. For tough cleaning, we suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. We do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder.

What is the best way to dry Jack’s Cherry Pop?

Shake out as much water as possible and place the sleeve in a well ventilated area, like near a window or next to a fan. For quick drying, slide a thin lint-free cloth/towel through it from one end to the other.

Jacks Soda Three

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