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For entertainment purposes only.

The ultimate realistic limp penis comes without the excuses but feels just as realistic as the real thing.

Made from the same Real Feel Superskin material that the Fleshjack is made from. Molded from the average Fleshjack staffer, this is the preferred weapon for any Mr. Limpy duel.

X-Small Pink Mr. Limpy – $12.95
Dimensions: Length: 3.5″

X-Small Pink Mr. Limpy

The extra small Mr. Limpy is perfect to antagonize your small-statured friend. The opportunities for humiliation are virtually limitless and we preemptively applaud your creativity.

Small Pink Mr. Limpy – $14.95
Dimensions: Length: 5″

Small Pink Mr. Limpy

Hold the balls and stretch back the head for a deadly slingshot effect, or hold the head and swing the balls for a savage, medieval-style ball n’ chain.

Medium Pink Mr. Limpy – $16.95
Dimensions: Length: 6.5″

Medium Pink Mr. Limpy

Large Pink Mr. Limpy – $18.95
Dimensions: Length: 8.5″

Large Pink Mr. Limpy

For entertainment purposes only.

A practical joke device is a manufactured prop or toy intended to confuse, frighten, or amuse individuals as a prank. Often, these objects are harmless facsimiles of disgusting or terrifying objects, such as vomit or spilled nail polish.

Though commonly employed at events and gatherings, practical joke devices are sometimes seen in everyday life, either as a mechanism of play by children, or among adult co-workers in a work environment.


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