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Wipe yourself and your toys clean after getting down and dirty with Afterglow personal wipes.

Perfect for both home and travel, the durable fragrance-free Afterglow tissues come in a resealable pack of 20. Each tissue folds out to 7.9” x 5.9” and comes pre-moistened with a gentle disinfectant, an anti-bacterial, and a stimulating astringent. Bergamot essence has been added to further help sanitize and refresh your skin.

afterglow personal wipes


Is a fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow color similar to a lemon, and has a pleasant fragrance. The juice tastes less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit.

The distinctive aroma of the bergamot is most commonly known for its use in Earl Grey tea, though the juice of the fruit has also been used in Calabrian indigenous medicine as an herbal remedy for malaria and its essential oil is popular in aromatherapy applications.

Bergamot peel is used in perfumery for its ability to combine with an array of scents to form a bouquet of aromas which complement each other.

Approximately one third of all men’s and about half of women’s perfumes contain bergamot essential oil.

Bergamot peel is also used in aromatherapy to treat depression and as a digestive aid.


afterglow wipes

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