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ID Glide is a doctor recommended personal lubricant made from high quality ingredients and designed specifically for enhanced pleasure. It’s a silky smooth, clear and odorless water-based lube that lasts ultra long. ID Glide lubrication is latex compatible.

ID Glide is available in 9.5 oz bottles and 4 oz tubes.

You can also enjoy ID Glide as part of a pack:
ID 4 oz 2-Pack
ID & Wet 9.5 oz 3-Pack

ID Glide Lube

A little bit about Westridge Laboratories, Inc., the folks who make ID Glide…..

Westridge Laboratories, Inc., the makers of ID Lubricants, has been producing premium, high quality and ultra long lasting lubricants since 1993. Located in the heart of Orange Country, California, our state of the art manufacturing facility is where ID Lubricants are packaged and shipped from coast to coast and numerous locations worldwide.

Innovation and excellence have proven to be cornerstones to Westridge Laboratories’ success. With our award winning, clear packaging, ID Lubricants were the first of their kind as they allowed consumers to actually see what was being purchased! Our commitment to using only the highest quality premium ingredients in producing ID Lubricants has made Westridge Laboratories today’s leading manufacturer of the full range of top selling products that are recognized and trusted.

With new and innovative products constantly being researched, developed, and released, Westridge Laboratories continues working tirelessly toward our mission of enhancing intimacy and promoting pleasure worldwide!


ID Glide Lubricant

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