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I was doing some organizing the other day – going through my boxes and files – and I came across an email a friend sent to me a couple of years ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to share it with my Locker Room buddies.

Have fun and tell me how well it works for you!

Making Your Girl Ejaculate

If your girl loves you to stimulate her g-spot, try the following variation:

Instead of using your index finger and your middle finger, use your middle finger and ring finger, while hooking your index finger and little finger up as support against your girl’s pussy.

Tease and tickle her g-spot like you normally would (like you’re beckoning a waiter or a taxi towards you), but additionally, gently press your free hand down flat on your girl’s lower belly / stomach and massage it slowly but firmly.

When you feel the tell-tale swelling inside her pussy, which feels like a fleshy sponge against your fingers, you know she’s about to cum, so increase the speed of what you’re doing.

Now watch as she ejaculates for you!

It may take some experimenting with, but the switch to this new finger technique, coupled with the soft pressure on her stomach, should get your girl squirting.

Remember, g-spot gushing / female ejaculation does not mean your girl is peeing. It’s simply clear fluid that squirts when her g-spot is stimulated.

How To Make Your Girl Ejaculate And Orgasm

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