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I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the locker room of my local gym, showering after a sweaty workout, I get really turned on by the women around me doing the same thing. I’m not attracted to women in any other situation, so it’s a bit of a weird feeling.

The other day I found myself standing under the hot water as it caressed my body thinking about locker room erections and that if I were a man, I would totally have a hard on.

Which got me thinking…..do straight men find themselves with locker room erections when they’re showering at the gym with other men?

Is a locker room erection a sign of attraction, or is it just a spontaneous physical reaction to the naked people showering next to you? Sort of like getting hard nipples when the wind hits you just right or when the seam of your pants rubs your special parts when go over railroad tracks.

There are the locker room erections that are a welcome sight and gladly shared with others, and there are the locker room erections that just sort of happen.

A locker room erection happens when the penis shaft fills with blood, making the penis enlarge and get hard. This action is a response to physical stimulation as well as psychological stimulation – and often times both.

Did you know nerves in a man’s spinal cord also contribute to locker room erections? They receive stimulation from various things like physical contact with the penis and surrounding areas, dreams, images, sexual thoughts, and of course hormones.

I’m guessing locker room erections are far more common than we think.

Do you have any locker room erections stories? Embarrassing, or otherwise?

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