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Trained to Obey – $49.95

The third of the Visconti Triplets DVDs, Trained to Obey features military disciplining, super-hot oral cumshots, and something we haven’t seen before – the Visconti brother bottoming on camera!

Trained to Obey

Do you find it comforting or disconcerting performing with your brothers in scenes?

JASON: We’re triplets so we’ve always been close. Like Joey said, he was nervous to cum on camera, but we helped him. That’s what we’ve done all our lives — help each other.

JIMMY: It took some getting used to the idea that we would be having sex in the same room. But we got over it and it’s a good feeling to have mybrothers with me.

JOEY: I find it comforting. Very comforting. There’s no way I’d do this without them.

Sexy facts about the Visconti Triplets:

The Visconti Triplets were born in Budapest and stand 6”1’ tall.

They’re the first triplets in the gay industry.

Although genetically identical, their penises are not – one is straight, one curves to the left, and one curves to the right.

Of the three 19-year-olds, Joey was born first, then Jason, then Jimmy.

…the Visconti Triplets, are monozygotic triplets known for appearing in gay pornography, often together in somewhat incest-themed scenes. No actual explicit sexual behavior between the brothers has been shown in any of their videos, most of which show the three engaged in sexual behavior with a fourth actor, or in solo scenes.

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