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Shameless Boy Toys – $49.95

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Shameless Boy Toys is the second Visconti Triplets film, coming behind Brotherhood Secrets. Enjoy as they flex their sweaty muscles, strut their big cocks and blow huge loads of cum!

From oldest to youngest, the 19 year old triplets are Joey, Jason and Jimmy. These Budapest-born triplets are identical, standing at a 6’1” tall, all buffed up and measures 8” x 6” cock.

Shameless Boy Toys

In America, no one has ever seen triplets performing in gay porn — how does it feel to know that you’re the first?

JASON: It’s a great feeling! I love being in the center of attention and because no one’s ever had triplets as exclusives, it puts the spotlight on me — and my brothers. I like the sex but it’s never been hard for me to get laid. It just comes to me.

JIMMY: I like the attention too. The guys we’ve met so far a great and I’m really looking forward to meeting them on camera and off camera — I’m just anxious to meet them.

JOEY: I didn’t think about that at first. I was scared to get on camera. But my brothers were doing it and they encouraged me on.

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight – $89.95

Package Includes:
Brotherhood Secrets
Shameless Boy Toys

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight

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