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Brotherhood Secrets – $49.95

Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets!

In their first video, Brotherhood Secrets, we join Jason, Jimmy, and Joey as the triplets give us a glimpse of their behind-the-scenes life.

Although all three are naturally handsome with muscular builds, if you watch closely you can see that each of the identical triplets has his own personality.

Joe Budai directs.

Brotherhood Secrets

Sexy facts about the Visconti Triplets:

The Visconti Triplets were born in Budapest and stand 6”1’ tall.

They’re the first triplets in the gay industry.

Although genetically identical, their penises are not – one is straight, one curves to the left, and one curves to the right.

Of the three 19-year-olds, Joey was born first, then Jason, then Jimmy.

Joey is very shy and likes Pilates and dancing. He’s also the most quiet, and the most sexually inexperienced of the group.

Jason is the loudest and the butchest of the three. His new hobby is working out with weights, but he can always be found on his motorcycle.

Jimmy is into extreme sports. If he’s not on a half-pipe with a skateboard, he’s carving fresh powder with a snowboard.

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight – $89.95

Package Includes:
Brotherhood Secrets
Shameless Boy Toys

The Visconti Triplets Double Delight

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