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Fleshlight Renewing Powder – $7.50

Are you enjoying your Fleshlight? I’m sure you are! But have you noticed that the Patented Fleshlight Super Skin sleeve is losing a bit of its softness now that you’ve used it multiple times?

This is due to the Fleshlight powder that comes with the Fleshlight naturally wearing away, but it’s easy to fix so don’t worry.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder is just what you need to restore your Super Skin sleeve and keep your Fleshlight feeling like it’s the first time you’ve used it – every time you use it!

Ingredients: 100% Cornstarch

Directions: Remove your Fleshlight sleeve from its case. Generously distribute enough powder onto your Fleshlight sleeve, until it is completely coated with a thin layer of powder. Put your Fleshlight sleeve back in the Fleshlight case, and start having fun all over again!

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

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