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The concept is easy to understand – if you want a bigger body part and don’t want surgery, you’ve got to work it out to pump it up.

The easily adjustable suction of the GrowthFlex Penis Pump flexes your member to the max – stretching, lengthening, and expanding. It’s simple and safe to use, with a perfect – and visible – result every time.

Growthflex Penis Pump

Whether you’re suffering from impotence, or you just want a big cock for the ladies – the Growthflex is the pump for you.

The Growthflex Penis Pump is made of a clear plastic cylinder with a hose at the end, which is connected to a pump that sucks the air out of the cylinder. Place the cylinder over your penis and get to pumping! As the air is gently removed, your penis is sucked and stretched, expanding to meet the walls of the pump, the result being a super sexy larger and harder penis.

Here’s a little fun thing to try while using your Growthflex Penis Pump:

Stretch a cock ring around the pump cylinder at the open end; place the cylinder on your penis and start pumping.

Just before releasing the vacuum, manually push the cock ring onto the base of your now erect penis.

While this restricts the blood flow out of the penis but not the blood going into it, your erect penis can last – even in the presence of a condition that would otherwise cause you to immediately lose your erection.

Please Note: In the interest of safety, it is recommended that the cock ring not be left on for more than 30 minutes.

Growthflex Pump

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